Start Here | Getting Started at Our Office

NUCCA is a new term and new approach to many people but the most important thing to understand is that we are providing a proven, effective and pain free solution.  For many, we are a last resort simply because they have never heard of this form of chiropractic treatment.  If you are ready to stop treating symptoms and fix the root of the problem then you are ready for NUCCA.

Our Mission:

To help people live better. No matter the age, we are committed to helping you overcome health issues.

Quick NUCCA Facts & What to Expect from the Chiropractor:

    • We have helped over 5,000 patients
    • Over 10 years of NUCCA Chiropractic experience
    • We are the premiere NUCCA Chiropractic clinic conveniently located in Encinitas, CA
    • 90% of our patients notice changes in the first 30 days.


We help you determine if NUCCA treatment is right for you

  1. We begin with a complimentary and personal consultation Dr. Jamie Kaszer
  2. After listening to your concerns and needs, Dr. Kaszer will answer any and all questions before proceeding to:
  3. A series of painless body measurements to determine your body balance
  4. A complete set of NUCCA specific x-rays to evaluate if you can be helped by our office or if you need to be referred.
  5. We will set up a follow up report of findings. By that next visit we will have studied and analyzed all of your information.
  6. At the report we will let you know what is patchable, what is fixable, what it will take from you, what it will take from us, and the cost.

We want our patients to feel comfortable about our entire process and realize that we provide an opportunity to stop covering up pain and start recovering.

Are you ready to get started with NUCCA? Please complete the following 2 steps to reserve your Chiropractic appointment.

  1. Please download and print the new patient history forms.

If you cannot fill these out before your appointment, please arrive 20 minutes early. The Dr. will see you promptly at your appointment time and all your paperwork MUST be ready by then.

  1. Please book your appointment with our online scheduler.

If after your appointment, only a consultation has been performed, there is no charge. We ask that you be courteous to all who wish to consult our office.

Please give our office a 48 hour notice for any changes to your appointment. When scheduling your appointment, be sure to let us know how you heard about our office.

  • "Dr. Jamie is awesome he is caring helpful and I can function better after being in 2 accidents. No more vertigo pressure or back pain." - Eiram Amron
  • "Dr. K, Denise and Autumn are amazing. This place has helped my back pain where all others, sort of surgery have failed. I have a much more tolerable as well as less pain overall. " - Dominic Padilla
  • "Dr. Jamie was extremely kind, gentle, and exacting in his approach. He is a good communicator and explained why I was having the problems and showed me what he would do to help me. He is a great doctor but is also a wonderful person with impeccable character. " - Mary Day