Dinner with Dr. Kaszer

Dinner with Dr. Kaszer











With over 10 years of NUCCA Chiropractic experience and having helped over 5,000 patients, Dr. Jamie Kazser is spreading the gift of health with a free dinner.

Our best patients, the ones that have experienced the biggest health breakthroughs, might not be able to share why or what we did to make you feel better.

We believe that it is not your job to explain it to them — It’s our job to do that.

Dr. Kaszer developed the Dinner with the Doc night for you and a friend where he can help share the gift of health with your friends.

The doc will spend a brief, yet informative 20 minute talk to help educate your guest on what he does and how he can help with the NUCCA technique.

Join us at Leucadia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant for a special night with Dr. Kaszer. Bring a guest with you and enjoy your dinner on the doc.

Details for Dinner with the Doc

When: October 21st

Where: Leucadia Pizzeria (directions here)

What to bring: A friend. That’s all we ask.

Seating is limited but you can reserve your spot here.

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About Back Into Balance

At Back Into Balance our focus is helping people feel and live better through a proven, scientific, gentle, and completely NON-INVASIVE form of upper cervical chiropractic care known as NUCCA. Most forms of health care, both medical and alternative, focus on the treatment of symptoms.

Often times invasive and forceful, those treatments may provide temporary relief which requires frequent visits and does nothing more than mask the underlying problems. NUCCA is something different. NUCCA looks to correct the cause. Dr. Jamie Kaszer, founder of Back into Balance, is the leading Doctor in the San Diego area using exclusively the NUCCA technique to help patients.

Hear from our patients:

What does a Subluxation Feel Like?

Cervical subluxation may or may not be painful, but it’s a good thing it often is. The discomfort we feel from subluxation is not the problem; it is simply our body’s way of telling us that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.


Often times the discomfort from a subluxation may show up as:

Allergies Arm Pain Arthritis Asthma Back Pain Bed Wetting
Carpal Tunnel Chronic Fatigue Depression Digestive Problems Disc Problems Dizziness
Ear Infections Fibromyalgia Frequent Colds Head Pain Headaches High Blood Pressure
Indigestion Joint Pain Leg Pain Low Back Pain Migraines Multiple Sclerosis
Neck Pain Numbness Sciatica Scoliosis Shoulder Pain Sinus Problems
Sleeping Difficulty TMJ

  • "Dr. Jamie is awesome he is caring helpful and I can function better after being in 2 accidents. No more vertigo pressure or back pain." - Eiram Amron
  • "Dr. K, Denise and Autumn are amazing. This place has helped my back pain where all others, sort of surgery have failed. I have a much more tolerable as well as less pain overall. " - Dominic Padilla
  • "Dr. Jamie was extremely kind, gentle, and exacting in his approach. He is a good communicator and explained why I was having the problems and showed me what he would do to help me. He is a great doctor but is also a wonderful person with impeccable character. " - Mary Day