5 Things Happy People Do Before Getting Out of Bed Every Morning

For many of us, mornings are frantic and rushed. We hit snooze one too many times before we finally decide to get out of bed. We rush around the house trying to get dressed, grab our things, and head out the door in a reasonable amount of time. All of this tends to make mornings miserable. Which leads us to this alarming fact: happy people actually enjoy their mornings.

Good morning coffee

What? How? WHY? As it turns out, the happiest people have morning rituals that help start their day with ease and give their day purpose. Here are 5 habits that habit people do before getting out of bed each morning:

1. Wake up with a sense of gratitude and by being appreciative of their life and what it entails. Express gratitude and thankfulness to yourself and your partner each morning before getting out of bed, journal about your gratefulness, each morning, etc.

2. Treat each day as a fresh start and know that yesterday has come and gone and today is a new day for success and adventure.

3. Take part in prayer, affirmation, or meditation in order to more deeply connect, keep the mind sharp, and calm nerves. Affirmations can be used to declare how your day will go- did you know that Steve Jobs morning routine included looking in the mirror and asking himself, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

4. Read scripture, inspiring stories, etc., in order to stretch and grow their knowledge and understanding. This starts the day on a positive note with new ideas to shape the day.

5. Keep things simple in their morning routines by preparing the night before. Pick out your work clothes, pack your lunch, set the coffee maker, etc. all before you go to sleep each night. This simplifies your morning and makes it much easier to make it out the door on time!

What is your morning routine? Share in the comments below!

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